The Nap of Luxury

Today I indulged myself.  I took an afternoon nap.  I don’t do this very often but is there anything more delicious than being able to sneak in a sleep in the middle of the day?  I think about some of those office days when I just went into a slouch and would have given up my afternoon coffee if only I could have curled up somewhere unseen instead of head-lolling with my fingers dead on the keyboard, my brain no longer functioning.  I think back to when my 3 pre-schoolers were on the go and did not know the word ‘nap’, when all I wanted to do was shut the door and sink my head to the pillow and let myself drift away. Well today Continue reading “The Nap of Luxury”

Humble Pie

I have been enjoying the posts by Allthingsboys for a while now – she is informative and humourous and relates some funny exchanges between her and her sons, putting a smile on my face.  But I have been remiss and fallen behind –  She nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (tardiness, I am sorry)  and the Beautiful Blogger Award – thank you Allthingsboys – who among us does not appreciate positive feedback?  So to Allthingsboys – thank you, twice.

I was previously nominated for the Versatile Blogger – click here so I would like this to be my response to both.

Apparently the rules for the Beautiful blogger are: Continue reading “Humble Pie”

Pastel Piece

I haven’t been in my studio for a while because I have been spending my days at my computer … not just blogging, but writing as well.  I am putting together a collection of essays for my children, bits and pieces of all of us that they can stick on the bookshelf until someone expresses an interest.  But I shall return to the studio soon; my fingers are itching to pick up a pastel and see what comes of it.

This is a work in progress of the last piece I worked on.  I am still new to pastels but I am thoroughly enjoying them.  I feel I have more control, and the act of painting is much more direct than painting watercolours with my brush.

I really admire the work of Richard McKinley and on this piece I tried his method of doing a watercolour underpainting.  Most of what you see here Continue reading “Pastel Piece”

Powerful Images

I appreciate history.  An understanding of historical events, within our own lives, within the confines of our own country, and across the world helps to shape our daily lives and the decisions we need to make as individuals and as governing bodies.

But on a more personal scale, I enjoy reading a historical novel that has been well researched so that the setting blooms to life in my mind, complete with smells and sounds that waft and echo across the pages.  Without some knowledge of the past, Continue reading “Powerful Images”

Angel of Mercy

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In 1823 Thomas Grafton married Hulda Hopkins and settled down to farming and raising a family … and then cholera struck.  The disease was first noticed among British troops in India in 1817 and it spread around the world, through Russia, Germany, England and to Canada by the early 1830s.  It struck more than one of my relatives and raised another to be the closest we have to sainthood. Continue reading “Angel of Mercy”

Last Post – on Wales that is

My previous post on Wales, On to London Town, brought us to the Lancaster Hotel in London.  We were using some of my companion’s time share points for this hotel, and good thing too; a five-star hotel in London doesn’t come cheap and even with the points we needed to pay an additional $100 per night.  The Lancaster is normally out of my league.

Even the posh hotels aren’t without risk – perhaps the higher the star count, the hotter the water as ours was too hot – not a common observation, I know.  In addition, I nearly branded by bottom on the heated towel rack.

We had two and a half days in London and we hadn’t really made any plans, which was a mistake. We had both been to London before … Big Ben, St-Paul’s, Westminster, the Tower, the Palace … the old sites don’t change, or if they do it’s not for the better—there’s  scaffolding up for repairs, or plexiglass separating one from the item being viewed, or worse, you can’t even gain access any more.  I had hoped to get a photo of #10 Downing for my door collection – see Just Doors 1 and 2 – but, no access. Consequently we weren’t terribly keen on taking in the sites.  I would have enjoyed entering Westminster Abbey again, but it was not open to the public. The Eye never appealed to me, and along with that Continue reading “Last Post – on Wales that is”

Five Minute Friday: Goodbye

Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.  We set a timer, throw caution to the winds and try to remember what it was like to just write without worrying if it’s just right or not. Write for 5 minutes flat on the prompt – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking


She was in the process of moving.  Since her husband died she was finding it harder and harder on her own.  It was time to be closer to her daughters.  Then, struck down herself she ended up in the hospital.  She seemed to be on the road to recovery … her daughter visited and brought a pot of tea, because the hospital tea was just too terrible.  They laughed together and parted with the words, I love you.  Then, Continue reading “Five Minute Friday: Goodbye”

On to London Town

My previous Wales post was Thursday, Friday – Castleday.

We had to plan for an early getaway because we had a deadline to return the car—if you have been following along you know an early start for us was 10.30 … we had to drive all the way across Wales and the Hertz agency closed at noon.  You may also know that Wales is a mere 50 miles from east to west and so we estimated that 8.30, while being an unreasonable hour to be hitting the road, would give us enough time.  With no veering off, good navigating through Haverfordwest’s numerous roundabouts, safe driving with some absolutely wicked sun in my eyes, and David’s helpful directions we arrived in Cardiff at 11 o’clock.  This, for the first time, was actually the two and a ½ hours driving time estimated by Google.  That’s not to say Google doesn’t get it right, only that we always had this tendency to veer off to the intended route.

To interject here, there was a Continue reading “On to London Town”

Thursday, Friday … Castleday

My previous post on Wales was Split Shift.

Saturday, our eighth day, was also to be our last day of touring about Pembrokeshire.  When Deb came down in the morning the kitchen radio was on, just came on by itself.  I looked at it to turn if off and there was a push button on-off.  I pressed it and it came on louder.  Pressed it again, it went fainter, but not off.  Strange.   Course I’m the lady that automatic doors don’t work for.  Strange too is that I don’t even remember any of this, yet it was noted in my journal … in my handwriting … I’m really not good in the mornings.

The Plan for our last day was Continue reading “Thursday, Friday … Castleday”

Just Doors 2

Doors stand guard to what transpires within.

I realize that just doors may not be everyone’s ‘thing’ but they are a frequent subject for me and my camera.  After visiting Adrian Pym’s  site and reading  Mike’s Look at Life I decided it was time for another photo essay on Doors. My first doors post is here.

The Abbaye de Lehon, France …

The Main Door, Chateau de Combourg, France … Continue reading “Just Doors 2”