Last Post – on Wales that is

My previous post on Wales, On to London Town, brought us to the Lancaster Hotel in London.  We were using some of my companion’s time share points for this hotel, and good thing too; a five-star hotel in London doesn’t come cheap and even with the points we needed to pay an additional $100 per night.  The Lancaster is normally out of my league.

Even the posh hotels aren’t without risk – perhaps the higher the star count, the hotter the water as ours was too hot – not a common observation, I know.  In addition, I nearly branded by bottom on the heated towel rack.

We had two and a half days in London and we hadn’t really made any plans, which was a mistake. We had both been to London before … Big Ben, St-Paul’s, Westminster, the Tower, the Palace … the old sites don’t change, or if they do it’s not for the better—there’s  scaffolding up for repairs, or plexiglass separating one from the item being viewed, or worse, you can’t even gain access any more.  I had hoped to get a photo of #10 Downing for my door collection – see Just Doors 1 and 2 – but, no access. Consequently we weren’t terribly keen on taking in the sites.  I would have enjoyed entering Westminster Abbey again, but it was not open to the public. The Eye never appealed to me, and along with that Continue reading “Last Post – on Wales that is”