WIN #1 The Early Years

In an earlier post I introduced the writing program WIN – Write It Now. There were a couple of readers who nibbled at the idea so I thought I would plunge in and forge ahead.

To encapsulate the essence of the previous post – WIN is the acronym for Write it Now – it is not a creative writing course and there are no critiques.  It’s purpose is to encourage us to write our life’s stories – not just the events but our reaction to the events; not just the people who have populated our lives, but the little insights or tales that will bring them into focus for our children and later generations.

Because, when we go, unless we have written them down, our stories go with us.  Or perhaps you have an aging parent, aunt, grandparent – time is of the essence, to glean what you can of all the wonderful stories that decorate their lives.

The founder developed an outline to help us tap into these memories and family stories.   It is not intended that we necessarily write on every point; they are merely an aid to help nudge the memories loose, to give us a starting point.

So, for those that wish to join me on the journey, the first sessions are on the Early Years. Here are the prompts to awaken your memories and hopefully start you on your way.

1.  Where did your ancestors come from? When did they come? Where did they settle?

2.  What early memories do you have of your mother?  What did you learn from her?

3.  What about your father – your early memories? What did you learn from him?

Remember, the goal is just to write it, now, in whatever words come.  If you would like to share it, please leave a link in the comments section below.  If you don’t wish to share it, just a comment that you did indeed Write it Now would be great.

I chose to write about my ancestors. This is my story: Continue reading “WIN #1 The Early Years”

Split Shift

My last post on Wales was On the Road to Abergwaun

We had given up on our idea of the train ride out of Aberystwyth to the Vale of Rheidol but there was another outing we were both interested in – a trip out to Ramsey Island.

Ramsey Island lies a mile off the Pembrokeshire coast – it’s only about 2 miles long, a nature reserve with some of the finest cliff scenery in Wales.  We had booked on the 10.30 tour from St-Justinian’s but found that due to insufficient people there would only be one sailing that day, at 1.15 p.m.—smack in the middle of the day.  So this was going to have to be a split shift—a poke-about, then Ramsey Island, followed by another poke-about.

So we took one of the roads out of St-David’s and headed to the hinterland of Pembrokeshire … within 5 kms we found ourselves in Whitchurch – in Welsh it is Tregroes, meaning “Settlement of the Cross” – in either language it is a mere blip on the map.

But we were actually in search of Continue reading “Split Shift”