On to London Town

My previous Wales post was Thursday, Friday – Castleday.

We had to plan for an early getaway because we had a deadline to return the car—if you have been following along you know an early start for us was 10.30 … we had to drive all the way across Wales and the Hertz agency closed at noon.  You may also know that Wales is a mere 50 miles from east to west and so we estimated that 8.30, while being an unreasonable hour to be hitting the road, would give us enough time.  With no veering off, good navigating through Haverfordwest’s numerous roundabouts, safe driving with some absolutely wicked sun in my eyes, and David’s helpful directions we arrived in Cardiff at 11 o’clock.  This, for the first time, was actually the two and a ½ hours driving time estimated by Google.  That’s not to say Google doesn’t get it right, only that we always had this tendency to veer off to the intended route.

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