DSCN9474 Marble Arch Caves sl 8x6 crop

Photo Editing: Abstracts

I have been wondering if I would get back to my blog but have lacked motivation and inspiration.  This week’s photo challenge is abstract and is perhaps the inspiration I needed.  The following images are from photos I took at the Marble Arch Caves in Northern Ireland.  I am a point-and-shooter and the lighting in the caves did not produce any great shots.  So I decided … Continue reading Photo Editing: Abstracts

DSC00978 Terry Fox sl bw 8x6_edited

Statues and Sculptures/5

Please click on the images for a larger view “Dreams are made if people only try to believe in miracles … I have to … because somewhere the hurting must stop.” On Hwy 11-17 near Thunder Bay, Ontario, overlooking the Sleeping Giant and Lake Superior is a monument to one of Canada’s heroes. The inscription reads … Terry Fox inspired this nation with his dream … Continue reading Statues and Sculptures/5

DSCN8822 Thornhill cottage sl 8x6_edited

Morning Walk

Please click on the images for a larger view I realize that one person’s ‘early’ is another’s ‘the-day-is-half-over’  but this is about as early as I get.  While staying near Thornhill, south of Glasgow, in our converted stable – I got up early enough to see the morning mist – and walked around the corner to the bridge over the River Nith – and enjoyed the … Continue reading Morning Walk

DSCN5545 Iona Bishops House SL 8x6_edited

The Bishop’s House

Please click on any image for a larger view Its history goes back to the very beginnings of Catholic schools in English Canada. Ontario’s Catholic school system began in the Bishop’s House in the village of St Raphaels. Built as a presbytery in 1808 by Rev. Alexander Macdonell who was the first bishop of Upper Canada (now Ontario).  It is three-storeys, about 2, 155 square metres when … Continue reading The Bishop’s House

DSCN8561 Kilbeg Tarskavaig Tokavaig Ord loop Skye sl3 8x6

Photo Editing: Redesigning

I’ve been reviewing some of my photos and thinking, “this should be a pretty good image, but it isn’t.  What’s wrong with it?”  Then I reverted to my painting and composition background and realized, “They are too busy.  If I’d painted this it wouldn’t be so cluttered.”  So I set forth and changed the landscape.  Here are two examples. The black hole on the lower … Continue reading Photo Editing: Redesigning

when it rains in February/6

Visual Quotation 75 – Memories

  I want to hold my memories close,  to keep them frozen in time, but I’m afraid too because … “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.”   Lois Lowry, The Giver Please click on the image for a larger view Weekly Photo Challenge: Season Continue reading Visual Quotation 75 – Memories

Odd Couple/25 – Friends in Conversation

This is series on couples – street photography capturing two people –  which for lack of anything more imaginative I have named the Odd Couple series, when in fact they may, or may not be odd.  I’ll leave that to the viewer. For my solo series click here Please click on image for a larger view   Paula’s black and white Sunday: Surreptitious photography Continue reading Odd Couple/25 – Friends in Conversation

DSCN9704 Ballhoura walk Limerick sl 8x6_edited

Photo Editing: Transformation

Sometimes I edit to improve my original image – set the grey scale, tweak the detail, raise the contrast.  Sometimes it’s to remove elements – the garbage can sitting the background, the telephone wires draped across the sky, the back end of a car destroying the balance of the image. And sometimes I like to transform my image – using distortion techniques, or extreme zoom, … Continue reading Photo Editing: Transformation

DSC00422 Venice edit crop sl 8x6 crop

Who was that masked man anyway?

Please click on any image for a larger view This was taken in Glen Nevis, Ontario on the grounds of the Abbey for the Arts.  I went over one fall day to take some shots and found this fellow roaming the grounds.  And the white mask of a human statue in Warnemunde, Germany on May Day Mardi Gras masks in Venice Ailsa’s travel theme: masks Continue reading Who was that masked man anyway?