Please click on any image for a better view. Boating on the Beagle Channel, South America Walking in Wales, Black Mountains Playing with Penguins, Punta Arenas, Chile Gazing at Glaciers, Switzerland Dining on the Danube, Budapest         Ailsa’s travel theme: Adventure Continue reading Adventure

Photo Editing – from the bus window

It IS possible to get a decent shot from the tour bus window while moving at speed down the mountainside ūüôā ¬†… with some basic cropping and cloning and the tweaks provided by editing programs. ¬†I use Sagelight. ¬† ¬†Please click on any image for a better view.   Continue reading Photo Editing – from the bus window

Companionable, Burgeoning, etc

Paula’s Thursday’s Special: Pick a word:¬†¬† ¬† I decided to follow Paula’s lead and interpret them all. ¬†Please click on any image for a better view. Populated – King Cormorants on an isle in the Beagle Channel¬† Time Sensitive – Mirabilis Jalapa, or commonly known as Four O’clocks because they usually don’t open until around four o’clock¬† Companionable¬† Clandestine ¬† And lastly the burgeoning city … Continue reading Companionable, Burgeoning, etc

More about Composition

Composition is one of the elements that scared me the most when I first started painting. ¬†I did not have a handle on what made¬†a composition¬†‘good’. ¬†But it’s true that the more you do the better you get and composing my photos is becoming second nature. ¬†I look for something on which to ‘hang’ the composition. My first image (click on images to enlarge them) … Continue reading More about Composition

Photo Editing: Redesigning

I’ve been reviewing some of my photos and thinking, “this should be a pretty good image, but it isn’t. ¬†What’s wrong with it?” ¬†Then I reverted to my painting and composition background and realized, “They are too busy. ¬†If I’d painted this it wouldn’t be so cluttered.” ¬†So I set forth and changed the landscape :). ¬†Here are two examples. The black hole on the … Continue reading Photo Editing: Redesigning

Photo Editing: Transformation

Sometimes I edit to improve my original image – set the grey scale, tweak the detail, raise the contrast. ¬†Sometimes it’s to remove elements – the garbage can sitting the background, the telephone wires draped across the sky, the back end of a car destroying the balance of the image. And sometimes I like to transform my image – using distortion techniques, or extreme zoom, … Continue reading Photo Editing: Transformation

Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Paula at Lost in Translation invited¬†Tobias M. Schiel¬†to host her Thursday’s Special challenge, the theme being organized noise. ¬†Please read his interesting and thought provoking¬†post. I really like the term ‘organized noise’; it has such possibilities. ¬†What rang true for me was Tobias’ comment – ” . . .¬†¬†there is also the aspect of organizing noise into music ‚Äď or visual ‚Äėnoise‚Äô into pictures. Some … Continue reading Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Sometimes there is more than one image hiding within a single photograph. ¬†Here is a nondescript, ho-hum photograph of the 15thC tower house of King John’s Castle in Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland, followed by three different images cropped from this one photograph. ¬†Please click on any image for a larger view. #1¬† In addition to cropping I judiciously removed any elements that I felt were … Continue reading Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Photo editing – we are what we edit

I spent all of December at the hospital with my husband and it became my only source of subject matter, but I ¬†took photographs to distract myself. ¬†Now at home I have begun to¬†view and edit them and as I do¬†so I realize my editing choices are¬†very much connected to my experience. ¬†I suppose this is always true – we are, after all, the sum … Continue reading Photo editing – we are what we edit

Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay

Play time. ¬†I like this photo, for its composition and subject matter, but it’s a little too soft for my taste. ¬†So I played. First up, I worked on the detail, contrast and lighting. ¬†The HDR creates a haloing effect resulting in the grey sky but in this image I liked it and kept it – I think it goes well with the mood and … Continue reading Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay

After Before at the Bus Stop

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts After Before Friday. ¬†This week Lor√© Dombaj at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures graciously agreed to stand in while Stacy takes a break. This is my original image. ¬†I liked the shadows and lines but beyond that I found it uninteresting. ¬†There is no point of interest. I decided to give the girl on the right a greater role.¬†In cropping I … Continue reading After Before at the Bus Stop