evening city lights Montreal

Down on Rue St Denis

The weekly photo challenge is: saturated.  Like our host, Michelle, my shots are of Montreal – and even more like Michelle, my shots are of Rue St Denis.  This is a series of photos I worked on …

48 thoughts on “Down on Rue St Denis

  1. This series is stunning Lynne. I especially like the ones with the umbrellas in them, if I didn’t know this was Monteal I would have guessed at Paris. Looks like the work of a French impressionist artist.
    Très beau 🙂
    Did the one in the gallery sell?


  2. These are truly magnificent. I couldn’t stop looking, gliding them over and through again and again. Well done – truly artistic, the right feeling and the eye for it! Thank you so much for leading me here!


  3. Thanks for posting these beautiful images, Lynne. The stopped me in my tracks (so to speak) when I saw them in my blogs I follow. Very original with wonderful saturation.


    1. I’m so pleased with the reception these shots have received. I have one hanging in a gallery – let’s hope it does as well there. Thank you for your kind words – much appreciated.


  4. What terrific photo processing. I love the way you have turned photos in paintings. It looks really effective. I think I will download those programs you mention and have a go myself. thanks for sharing the information about how you made the images.


    1. In my day I don’t think it WAS so good – and on this visit I caught it in the first of evening light on a rainy evening – slightly damp strolling but some great photographic opportunities.


  5. Oh I like what you did here, very much – and very saturated, fr sure! Great effects! I like the way the light glows in some of these and also the big blocks of color in the one on the right. Would you care to tell us a little about what your process was?


    1. So glad you like, Lynn. I have several photoshop-type programs I run them through -I use Fotosketcher and Photoscape a lot – trying this filter and that filter for different effects. Some are a combination of more than one filter. I just keep going until I reach something that appeals to me. I also judiciously crop from my original shots, sometimes finding two or even three different pieces in one shot. One of this series, not shown here, is now hanging in an Ottawa gallery looking for a new home – we’ll see how that goes. Fingers crossed and hoping. I did sell one at a local show ac couple of weeks ago – one of the local grist mill.


  6. Do you have a special ‘painting’ camera? Or are you a rockstar with a regular camera? These make me want to put the camera down and head to the studio for my brushes and paints. Thanks. You should think about a video tutorial for your WP family or put one on Udemy and charge. I’d pay to learn how to do this.


    1. My husband upgraded my camera last Christmas but I am still a point’n’shooter using a Nikon Coolpix 610. The effects are from free software found on line – Fotosketcher and Photoscape for two. It’s really just playing with the effects available, seeing what they do, using your artistic eye and having fun.


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