Canada, like the rest of the New World, is a country of immigrants. We believe that we gain from our diversity and we continue to welcome immigrants.  It’s part of our heritage.  Morning Star illustrates the history of the land we live in from the artist’s Dene Suline perspective and expresses hope of mutual respect.   Please click on image for a better view.    Alex Janvier’s … Continue reading Heritage

Photo Editing: Transformation

Sometimes I edit to improve my original image – set the grey scale, tweak the detail, raise the contrast.  Sometimes it’s to remove elements – the garbage can sitting the background, the telephone wires draped across the sky, the back end of a car destroying the balance of the image. And sometimes I like to transform my image – using distortion techniques, or extreme zoom, … Continue reading Photo Editing: Transformation

Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Paula at Lost in Translation invited Tobias M. Schiel to host her Thursday’s Special challenge, the theme being organized noise.  Please read his interesting and thought provoking post. I really like the term ‘organized noise’; it has such possibilities.  What rang true for me was Tobias’ comment – ” . . .  there is also the aspect of organizing noise into music – or visual ‘noise’ into pictures. Some … Continue reading Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Photo Editing – painterly images

Here are two images I created from my photos using Sagelight software. For those of you who don’t already know, I LOVE Sagelight for the limitless variety that can be produced, each resulting piece one of a kind.  Originals follow. Please click on images for a larger view.   For a different edited version of the above image, not ‘artified’, click here   Continue reading Photo Editing – painterly images

Statues & Sculptures/2

Lotsenehrung  – Pilot Ceremony This statue by Reinhard Dietrich is a tribute to the pilots and the saviours of those in distress at sea. It is a 1976 sculpture located near the lighthouse in Warnemunde, Germany.  There are a number of other sculptures by Dietrich in and around the Warnemunde/Rostock area but this is the only one I captured with my camera. Dietrich has been recognized … Continue reading Statues & Sculptures/2