35 thoughts on “Those were the days, my friend

  1. Hahaha…you make us so nostalgic with your crisp but moving words and photo. Thanks for taking us back in time 🙂

    Do visit my ‘relic’ as well 😉


    1. I wonder when it was that the milk man stopped his daily delivery … We also had the bread man and I remember a knife sharpener jingle jangling along our street once …


  2. Oh, I remember these!
    My brother and I used to fight over who would get the wonderful “plug” of cream that would float to the top.

    Love this photograph, Lynne, and thank you for the memory! 🙂


  3. and the blue tits pecked the tops so they could get at the fatty cream that froze and roze in the neck – dusting off some memories with a nice touch Lynne


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