Halcyon days of my youth … I don’t wish to go back, I’m quite enjoying myself in the here and now.  But, Bob Dylan sang it to me when I was a teenager in the ‘60’s … “times they are a-changing”.  And they did.  And, I’d venture to say, faster than they ever did before.  Time and technology have proven to be, in my opinion, … Continue reading Overload

Visual Quotations 25

“When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.” – Abraham Kuyper Somber but I thought timely, as world leaders struggle and debate over the Syrian crisis. Canadian … Continue reading Visual Quotations 25

The new babsitters

Photo by imagerymajestic
Photo by imagerymajestic

Nothing displays more focussed attention than a child playing a video game – absorbed in the sounds and intent only on achieving the target.

My daughter related an incident during a recent visit.  At Christmas she gave her young niece a board game.  It was called Rush Hour – a number of small cars are placed on the board in various, progressively difficult,  formations as if in a parking lot.  The aim is to get one certain car out of the parking lot without removing any other cars, the only movement allowed being forward or backward.  The child didn’t know what to do with it … until her Uncle showed it to her in electronic form on his phone, which she took and with thumbs flying, proceeded to work it out.

Is it possible the child couldn’t relate to the three-dimensional objects?  That would be Continue reading “The new babsitters”

The Gravity of the Situation

I’m grateful for instant water that’s accessible with the twist of a tap.

We had a dream of building our own log home.  Towards that dream we bought land in the country, purchased an old trailer and set up on our newly purchased Eden.  We managed a stack-wall log shed, a basement, and three daughters before we got squeezed in the recession of the early 1980s.  Then came the reality of Continue reading “The Gravity of the Situation”

Open comment to my grandson

Last week Julia  posted about upcoming Anti-Bullying Week in the UK and I paused to think.  Bullying is getting wider coverage … perhaps it’s more prevalent; perhaps it’s of a more serious nature than it used to be; perhaps it’s because of the new venue for bullies in cyberspace.  I thought about the torment my daughter endured of which I was ignorant for far too long.  I have learned that her sisters were also victims in varying degrees.  Whether it was the bullying that came first, or the depression I’m not sure but even at 6 years of age I could see my daughter’s lack of self-esteem.

Today I read ShimonZ‘s post Free Thinker and I paused again.  As he said, “As a species, Continue reading “Open comment to my grandson”

These Four Walls

win badgeI keep my eyes closed as I approach the house. It’s set back from the road with a large front lawn but my steps are sure and I don’t falter. In the corner of the property I admire the magnificent, stately maple tree – a mere stick when my sister stuck it in the ground over 60 years ago.

Continuing up the driveway, I pause to watch the Continue reading “These Four Walls”

Veteran’s Land

win badgeAfter my two-week stay at the hospital where I had been safely delivered, my parents bundled me up against the December chill and brought me home in time for Christmas.  Home was to be in Pointe Claire in an area called Lakeside Heights.  Much of the West Island was still undeveloped farmland, and except for summer homes and cottages along the lakeshore, it was pretty much out in the boonies.

The Veterans’ Land Act  designated this property as veterans’ land, available for purchase only to those who had served in the war.  My father’s qualification was service as an infantry soldier. About 1947 they purchased a half-acre lot and contracted to have the house built at a cost of Continue reading “Veteran’s Land”

Powerful Images

I appreciate history.  An understanding of historical events, within our own lives, within the confines of our own country, and across the world helps to shape our daily lives and the decisions we need to make as individuals and as governing bodies.

But on a more personal scale, I enjoy reading a historical novel that has been well researched so that the setting blooms to life in my mind, complete with smells and sounds that waft and echo across the pages.  Without some knowledge of the past, Continue reading “Powerful Images”

WIN #1 The Early Years

In an earlier post I introduced the writing program WIN – Write It Now. There were a couple of readers who nibbled at the idea so I thought I would plunge in and forge ahead.

To encapsulate the essence of the previous post – WIN is the acronym for Write it Now – it is not a creative writing course and there are no critiques.  It’s purpose is to encourage us to write our life’s stories – not just the events but our reaction to the events; not just the people who have populated our lives, but the little insights or tales that will bring them into focus for our children and later generations.

Because, when we go, unless we have written them down, our stories go with us.  Or perhaps you have an aging parent, aunt, grandparent – time is of the essence, to glean what you can of all the wonderful stories that decorate their lives.

The founder developed an outline to help us tap into these memories and family stories.   It is not intended that we necessarily write on every point; they are merely an aid to help nudge the memories loose, to give us a starting point.

So, for those that wish to join me on the journey, the first sessions are on the Early Years. Here are the prompts to awaken your memories and hopefully start you on your way.

1.  Where did your ancestors come from? When did they come? Where did they settle?

2.  What early memories do you have of your mother?  What did you learn from her?

3.  What about your father – your early memories? What did you learn from him?

Remember, the goal is just to write it, now, in whatever words come.  If you would like to share it, please leave a link in the comments section below.  If you don’t wish to share it, just a comment that you did indeed Write it Now would be great.

I chose to write about my ancestors. This is my story: Continue reading “WIN #1 The Early Years”

What will my grandchildren find?

win badgeFollowing on yesterday’s post, my own teen years were the flower power, flower children, make love not war, hippy, long-haired, draft-dodging, protest-marching, drug-induced 1960s. Fashions were bizarrely similar to today. Today’s flared pants “sitting just below the waist” were my bell bottomed hip huggers; today’s “Capri” pants were the pedal pushers of my youth; and my daughter’s jacket is my “pea” jacket of 40 years ago. I watched TV programs like the Ed Sullivan Show, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which was filled with the thought-of-but-not-yet-possible sci-fi gadgets of today. My music was the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, The Who, The Animals, and Bob Dylan droning endlessly on. We challenged Continue reading “What will my grandchildren find?”