Sweet Cadence

The gentle give and take at the water’s edge, like the ebb and flow of the days and nights; the gurgle and the ripple, love’s lost sighs. Sunlight trickles running giddy across the floor, like laughter bubbling in the throat; the gentle sway and roll, life’s rhythm. Slap against the dock, rustling over the pebbles, to whisper across the sand Sweet cadence Inspired by Cee’s … Continue reading Sweet Cadence

Photo Editing: The photo is just the beginning

I said here that sometimes my edit just provides a little lift.  But sometimes I go off in a whole new direction. I think of each photo as a starting point, a canvas to jump start creativity.  Click photo for a larger view. Night Song This is the original photo For additional examples of transformation see Northern Lights and Downtown   Continue reading Photo Editing: The photo is just the beginning

Photo Editing: Gimme Shelter

Oh, a storm is threat’ning My very life today If I don’t get some shelter Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away Songwriters: JAGGER, MICK / RICHARDS, KEITH This is the original – Editing done in Sagelight After cropping, I enhanced the detail in the flower using the HDR effects available in Sagelight. Then I decreased the tone contrast and saturation in the background using the … Continue reading Photo Editing: Gimme Shelter

Ode to a Dandelion

There seem to be certain images that photographers strive to capture.  The water droplet.  The water droplet as it breaks the surface.  Long exposure of a waterfall.  And the dandelion gone to seed.  I have avoided these  images  … until one morning when I was out before the dew was off the bloom and I looked down to see the beauty that exists there, in the … Continue reading Ode to a Dandelion