Odd Couple/5

My Odd Couple series, in which the couples may or may not be odd.  I’ll leave that to the viewer 😉   I am also including the original photo for those that are interested in my composition and  editing choices.

silhouette in St Petersburg subway

The only thing I chose to edit this time was the saturation – totally arbitrarilysilhouette St Petersburg subway

You can view my Solo series here. 

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Silhouette

17 thoughts on “Odd Couple/5

  1. Your photo is so mystic and intriguing. Fantastic. And lovely idea of odd couple, though I do not understand it in its entirety. Thanks for sharing. Do visit my photo as well 🙂


    1. There is something about the combination of what looks like a clock face, and a woman in a cloak-like garment passing through a portal followed by a man … it all intrigues me.


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