45 thoughts on “Culture Contrast

    1. I’m trying to photograph people without being intrusive, Vic – caught unawares from a distance. I miss out on some better shots through my shyness to approach …


      1. I often think that “unstudied” (or perhaps “un-posed” may be a better word for it) portraits tend to have the edge over their respective opposites in at least the raw power they have to offer. I fully get your attentiveness to not being intrusive. It is probably the reason why I seldom take photos of people. Perhaps we could both do with being a little less shy – but then, that would mean being less ourselves perhaps too?


        1. Indeed – I have always preferred to hang in the bg and am pleased enough to go unnoticed, at least in a physical sense … though II enjoy a pat on the back once in a while for something nicely done – like everyone else πŸ™‚


  1. Your post-processing on this is wonderful. Love the way you blurred out the rest of the shot. Makes it look like an old Russian tintype to me. Really nice.


    1. This is a stranger. I love the freeze frame effect that comes with street photography. I’m not very nervy either but lately I have been doing more. A lot of my shots currently are of people walking away from me so that they are unidentifiable. And thank you for your enthusiasm, Arnel πŸ™‚


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