City Flavours

Ailsa chose ‘cities’ for this week’s travel theme.  I decided to select some images that, for me, impart the atmosphere, or flavour, of particular cities we’ve visited.

The houses along Rue St Denis  are very typical of Montreal. And Montreal is a delight at night.

Montreal street at night

This shot is very typical of the atmosphere and style we encountered in Tallinn’s old town.

architecture in Tallinn Estonia

Cours Mirabeau shaded by plane trees is an iconic image of Aix-en-Provence  Continue reading “City Flavours”

The mettle of metal

Metal, in its weight and functionality, its strength and grace, and its beauty. Mindeankeret, Copenhagen This Memorial Anchor in Nyhavn commemorates the Danish officers and sailors in the merchant fleet and Allied Forces who served during World War II. The interior ceiling structure at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris The beautiful gate that marks the entrance into the courtyard of  the Lutheran Church of St … Continue reading The mettle of metal

The Abbey for the Arts

Originally the Maryvale Convent, this lovely building celebrated its centenary in 2013.  It was home to the Sisters of Providence who taught separate school and high school , painting, “fancy work”, vocal and instrumental music.  In 1966 it became a nursing home.  In 1983 it was converted to a residential home for seniors.   Today it is known as the Abbey for the Arts , hosting … Continue reading The Abbey for the Arts