Sweet Cadence

The gentle give and take at the water’s edge, like the ebb and flow of the days and nights; the gurgle and the ripple, love’s lost sighs. Sunlight trickles running giddy across the floor, like laughter bubbling in the throat; the gentle sway and roll, life’s rhythm. Slap against the dock, rustling over the pebbles, to whisper across the sand Sweet cadence Inspired by Cee’s … Continue reading Sweet Cadence

Contemplative Photography 2

Last week I did a post on contemplative photography and many of you, although you hadn’t heard of it before, expressed interest in it.  I hope you stopped by Seeing Fresh.  Andy Karr accepts submissions on his site and if they are examples that fit his photographic assignments, he publishes them.  To see if I was on the right track I submitted two from my post last week.  The first one, which is actually a harrow disc covered with light snow that sits in my garden as a bit of outdoor sculpture, I submitted to his assignment on Simplicity – “This assignment is about the experience of form in space.”  And he posted it.

I submitted the leaf to his assignment on Space – “The challenge in the space assignment is to shift your intention from seeing forms in space to seeing visual space itself”.  I was disappointed when I didn’t see it posted – however, he did include it under Texture, which, when you view the image, IS predominant.  I’m still not sure if I grasp what he’s looking for in the Space assignment – I will try again.

This is my Contemplative Photograph this week and I offer it with a quote:
Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream …  – Ray Bradbury Continue reading “Contemplative Photography 2”

Contemplative Photography

I’ve been hearing the term “Contemplative Photography”.  Just the words are appealing – conjures up Zen and meditative philosophies, new age music and yoga – a spa sort of atmosphere.  Going in search of just what contemplative photography is I came across this at Seeing Fresh:

“The practice of contemplative photography is an approach
to the art of photography that emphasizes developing the ability to see.”

Taken this week in my own backyard … Continue reading “Contemplative Photography”