Autumn Glow

I am out of season but other than the arrival of my daffodils, my immediate surroundings aren’t offering many photographic ‘must shoots’  right now.  It is cold and wet and dreary, unlike these shots taken in the glorious days of fall in and around my own environs.  At least I’m in sync with those down under 😉 Ailsa’s Travel Theme is: Glow Continue reading Autumn Glow

Family Treasure

I am interested in our family history, and in fact self-published a book about our family – “Who ARE These People?”.  I had an excellent start on the stories from several different sources, one of which is a journal written by my great grandmother about the first twenty years of my grandmother’s life.  Written in her own spidery hand, difficult to decipher in passages, it … Continue reading Family Treasure

Peak Performance

Perched  on top of a ridge of rock in the Aude Department of Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France, on the edge of the Pyrenees, sits the Cathar castle of Peyrepertuse. “The castle is one of the “Five Sons of Carcassonne” along with the castles Quéribus, Puilaurens, Termes, and Aguilar, all situated atop ‘unassailable’ rocky peaks.” – Wikipedia   The Cathars were a religious group, persecuted for their beliefs, who retreated … Continue reading Peak Performance

Travel Theme Clean

When I was in the Falkland Islands I remarked (more than once) on the sky.  It somehow seemed higher, brighter, and more expansive.  I took over a hundred pictures of that sky. Perhaps I should be embarrassed to say that 😉     The Falklands are about 800 miles north of the northern tip of Antarctica and I wondered if there was an effect of light bouncing off the Antarctic snow and ice. Or perhaps there is less pollution to cloud the air way down there where the South Atlantic begins to mix with the Southern Ocean.   Whatever the cause, the overall effect was light and clean and fresh.

seascape and sky in the Falklandssea and sky in the Falklands Continue reading “Travel Theme Clean”

Photo Editing: Patterns of light

I was working on these already when I saw “Patterns” was Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge prompt.  So I played some more.  I had a night photo of distant city lights and from it created these images of light patterns.  All of these images are from one original photo, which I included at the end of this post. I’d love to hear what you think and which you like best, if any at all 😉  I used Photoscape, Photoshop Elements 8, Paint, and Sagelight to achieve the effects.  Click on any photo for a closer look.

digital art abstract patterns of light

digital art abstract patterns of light

digital art abstract patterns of light

Continue reading “Photo Editing: Patterns of light”