The Matryoshka Twist


Traditional Matryoshka dolls have the outer layer as a woman in traditional Russian peasant dress.

DSCN3967 St Petersburg
However they are also produced with a twist – from fairy tale characters to Russian leaders …

matryoshka nesting dolls

Or inspired by Matisse …

DSCN3948 St Petersburg

Or Gaugin …   Continue reading “The Matryoshka Twist”

The mettle of metal

Metal, in its weight and functionality, its strength and grace, and its beauty. Mindeankeret, Copenhagen This Memorial Anchor in Nyhavn commemorates the Danish officers and sailors in the merchant fleet and Allied Forces who served during World War II. The interior ceiling structure at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris The beautiful gate that marks the entrance into the courtyard of  the Lutheran Church of St … Continue reading The mettle of metal