The Abbey for the Arts

Originally the Maryvale Convent, this lovely building celebrated its centenary in 2013.  It was home to the Sisters of Providence who taught separate school and high school , painting, “fancy work”, vocal and instrumental music.  In 1966 it became a nursing home.  In 1983 it was converted to a residential home for seniors.   Today it is known as the Abbey for the Arts , hosting retreats, gatherings, special occasions, and recitals as well as regular art shows.  I was delivering some pieces and helping with the hanging this weekend for a show next week … and in between hammering and measuring I took a few shots.  Three additional images which I particularly liked have been loaded to my photography blog – here, here, and here.



14 thoughts on “The Abbey for the Arts

    1. All too often we seem to tear down and start over. When I enter an old building I wonder what events have happened in the hallways, back rooms and passages.


    1. Indeed, Carol! I’ve spoken to a few ladies who attended school there some 70 years ago – definitely an interesting and varied history. It’s great that it has survived. The current owners have done a tremendous amount of restoration, all well done and suited to the building’s age and architecture, and have continuing plans for more.


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