A-Z Challenge (again): D

I’m back again for another round of A-Z challenge but, wanting to add a personal challenge to the challenge, I am going to concentrate on signs this time – pretty signs, interesting signs, funny signs … whatever. Tintagle, Cornwall, England And this one, posted previously, seen at 35,000 feet out the passenger window … Continue reading A-Z Challenge (again): D

Photo Editing: From photograph to art

This is the original, The Abbey for the Arts in Glen Nevis, Ontario.I went through a number of stages to transform this image … enough that I know I couldn’t reproduce it … I started with  linedraw in PS Elements and moved on to Sagelight for tints and details through HDR effects, and then over to Fotosketcher for the painterly effects, and back to Sagelight for … Continue reading Photo Editing: From photograph to art

Photo Editing: Line Draw

Doing some more experimenting and arrived at these.  I converted the originals to a drawing using Line Draw in PS Elements (8).  Loading them into Sagelight I layered some HDR effects and played with the colour.  I thought it was particularly effective on the first one, bringing up details that were absent in the original photo and in adding texture to the images. The line … Continue reading Photo Editing: Line Draw