Robyn’s One four Feb/week 1

One photo, four ways over the course of the month.  A great chance to play and see what develops  🙂

My original – click on any image for a larger viewDSCN8795 lily 8x6

My first changes are adjusting the grey scale and upping the detail.  Next week I will take this adjusted image and go from there.

DSCN8795 lily sl 1 greyscale hdr 8x6

Robyn’s One Four Challenge 2016 – Feb week 1

4 thoughts on “Robyn’s One four Feb/week 1

    1. Hi Jo. I rather liked it too but that grey-ish blur in the lower left is distracting to me. I sometimes find it difficult to find a photo I want (think) I can change 4 ways and that blur made this one a candidate.

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