Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Paula at Lost in Translation invited Tobias M. Schiel to host her Thursday’s Special challenge, the theme being organized noise.  Please read his interesting and thought provoking post.

I really like the term ‘organized noise’; it has such possibilities.  What rang true for me was Tobias’ comment –

” . . .  there is also the aspect of organizing noise into music – or visual ‘noise’ into pictures. Some sights overwhelm us with their complexity, some with their ugliness or apparent meaninglessness. Nonetheless, I claim that photography can be a means of reducing this complexity, or making sense of the ‘noise.’”

Some know that I like to play with my photos 🙂 and here are some results where I have taken the originally recorded noise in my image and rearranged it and transformed it into something else.  I have also included the original image, except for this first one, which I seem to have ‘misplaced’.

Please click on any image for a larger view

Evening at the BalletDSCN5956 polar sl 8x6

Back in Time
back in time

Summer FairSummer Fair

Wagasa/2 – Japanese UmbrellaWagasa 2


14 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Organized Noise

  1. I really like what you show here – and I also like these pictures as an entry for the photo challenge: You interpret the headline in a very literal way, and I love the results! Thanks!

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  2. P.S. I really like all the results of your creative intervention and I will display “Summer fair” one, but I hope people will come here to see the rest of your photos.

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