Photo editing – we are what we edit

I spent all of December at the hospital with my husband and it became my only source of subject matter, but I  took photographs to distract myself.  Now at home I have begun to view and edit them and as I do so I realize my editing choices are very much connected to my experience.  I suppose this is always true – we are, after all, the sum total of all that we experience – but this has made me realize how much of me is portrayed in my photographs, whether or not it is obvious to the viewer, whether or not they know the back story.  The challenge, and the hope, is that as photographers, professional or not (like me), our viewers feel something of what we have put into our images.

Every time I passed through the doors into his ward, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie, passing into another dimension where no one ever wants to go.

DSCN1683 sl 8x6

At times I felt disconnected from what had been our normal just a few weeks earlier.DSCN1668 sl 8x6

It was frightening and surreal
DSCN1660 sl 8x6

OverwhelmingDSCN1681 sl 8x6

And disorientingDSCN1660 sl2 8x6

Our journey isn’t finished.  We shall both continue to feel our way as we move into new territory.

These are the original images


15 thoughts on “Photo editing – we are what we edit

  1. Thank you Lynne for the insight to the emotions of the journey, I wish you both the best days and moments possible.


  2. Dear Lynne, I think you are right in many ways. As a photographer, there is never a day goes by but I have taken at least one shot ‘on the way’. We do have a tendency to edit what hits our feeling heart. In this photojournalistic account, you have nailed it. Blessings to you and yours.

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  3. Lynne, I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Your artful images seem therapeutic, to me, at least. Such scary and lonely times and you’ve conveyed that through your work. Hope things have improved.


  4. Truly, we are part of the story we tell…Sometimes the journeys that scare us the most are the ones where our voice is the closest to who we really are and the ones that force us to find and share every bit of those things we care most about. It is that moment when the fire alarm sounds and you have to choose the two or three things you will carry from the room; that moment so clearly says who you are, and what really matters.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Charlie. I have found that it is the rough bits that give me greatest moment for pause, searching for clarification of how what is happening is affecting me and of where it is taking me.


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