Photo Editing – from the bus window

It IS possible to get a decent shot from the tour bus window while moving at speed down the mountainside ūüôā ¬†… with some basic cropping and cloning and the tweaks provided by editing programs. ¬†I use Sagelight. ¬† ¬†Please click on any image for a better view.   Continue reading Photo Editing – from the bus window

Photo Editing: Abstracts

I have been wondering if I would get back to my blog but have lacked motivation¬†and inspiration. ¬†This week’s photo challenge is abstract and is perhaps the inspiration I needed. ¬†The following images are from photos I took at the Marble Arch Caves in Northern Ireland. ¬†I am a point-and-shooter and the lighting in the caves did not produce any great shots. ¬†So I decided … Continue reading Photo Editing: Abstracts

Photo Editing: Redesigning

I’ve been reviewing some of my photos and thinking, “this should be a pretty good image, but it isn’t. ¬†What’s wrong with it?” ¬†Then I reverted to my painting and composition background and realized, “They are too busy. ¬†If I’d painted this it wouldn’t be so cluttered.” ¬†So I set forth and changed the landscape :). ¬†Here are two examples. The black hole on the … Continue reading Photo Editing: Redesigning

Photo Editing: Transformation

Sometimes I edit to improve my original image – set the grey scale, tweak the detail, raise the contrast. ¬†Sometimes it’s to remove elements – the garbage can sitting the background, the telephone wires draped across the sky, the back end of a car destroying the balance of the image. And sometimes I like to transform my image – using distortion techniques, or extreme zoom, … Continue reading Photo Editing: Transformation

Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Paula at Lost in Translation invited¬†Tobias M. Schiel¬†to host her Thursday’s Special challenge, the theme being organized noise. ¬†Please read his interesting and thought provoking¬†post. I really like the term ‘organized noise’; it has such possibilities. ¬†What rang true for me was Tobias’ comment – ” . . .¬†¬†there is also the aspect of organizing noise into music ‚Äď or visual ‚Äėnoise‚Äô into pictures. Some … Continue reading Photo Editing: Organized Noise

Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Sometimes there is more than one image hiding within a single photograph. ¬†Here is a nondescript, ho-hum photograph of the 15thC tower house of King John’s Castle in Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland, followed by three different images cropped from this one photograph. ¬†Please click on any image for a larger view. #1¬† In addition to cropping I judiciously removed any elements that I felt were … Continue reading Photo Editing – Cropping for Effect

Photo Editing – painterly images

Here are two images I created from my photos using Sagelight software. For those of you who don’t already know, I LOVE Sagelight for the limitless variety that can be produced, each resulting piece one of a kind. ¬†Originals follow. Please click on images for a larger view. ¬† For a¬†different¬†edited version of the above image, not ‘artified’, click here   Continue reading Photo Editing – painterly images

Photo editing – we are what we edit

I spent all of December at the hospital with my husband and it became my only source of subject matter, but I ¬†took photographs to distract myself. ¬†Now at home I have begun to¬†view and edit them and as I do¬†so I realize my editing choices are¬†very much connected to my experience. ¬†I suppose this is always true – we are, after all, the sum … Continue reading Photo editing – we are what we edit

One Photo Focus/November

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts One Photo Focus. ¬†She provides the photo and we all edit it and resubmit it to her where she compiles them all on her blog. ¬†Nice Stacy. This is the photo for this month – an¬†image of¬†the¬†Anping Treehouse in Tainan, Taiwan¬†submitted by Helen Chen¬†of¬†HHC Blog: I really didn’t know where to go with this and set it aside for several … Continue reading One Photo Focus/November

Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay

Play time. ¬†I like this photo, for its composition and subject matter, but it’s a little too soft for my taste. ¬†So I played. First up, I worked on the detail, contrast and lighting. ¬†The HDR creates a haloing effect resulting in the grey sky but in this image I liked it and kept it – I think it goes well with the mood and … Continue reading Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay

One Photo Focus – Castle

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts One Photo Focus. ¬†She provides the photo and we all edit it our own way. Then she does all the work of pulling it all together on her site. ¬†(Thank you, Stacy) ¬†It‚Äôs always interesting to see the varied interpretations. This is the original photo submitted by Benjamin Rowe. The JPeg I downloaded was unfortunately very small, only ¬†53.7kb so … Continue reading One Photo Focus – Castle