Photo Editing – the take out

The village of Kilfinnane in Limerick, Ireland.  My original shot left something to be desired but the take out of the car and the lamp post on the extreme left made for a reasonable composition, and saved the shot.   All editing done in Sagelight. Click on the images for a larger view.

DSCN9675 Kilfinnane Limerick paint sl 8x6

DSCN9675 Kilfinnane Limerick 8x6




11 thoughts on “Photo Editing – the take out

        1. It did take a bit of time, Sue, creating that bit of sidewalk and posts. Sometimes I get into these things and work away before finally acknowledging it just isn’t going to work or look good in the end. This one was a success story. 🙂 But you know what they, when you enjoy doing something …

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            1. I don’t know how the cloning tool works in other programs but Sagelight gives control over the amount of pressure, that is how distinct the cloned stamp is, so it is possible to soften the edges of the clone which helps it to blend in. It also provides sight lines in the clone tool to help in aligning lines etc. I’ve been using the clone tool a lot to remove unwanted bits and pieces, not always as large as the back end of that car. 🙂

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  1. This is such a good example, Lynne, of how a photo benefits from a good crop. It’s amazing how distracting the unintesting rear end of that car actually is – even though its on the edge of the shot. Without it, we are drawn to look down the street. Alos the stretch of emptiness of the foreground becomes a bit mysterious too, a bit forbidding, and makes one more attentive to what is or isn’t going on.

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