After Before at the Bus Stop

Stacy at Visual Venturing hosts After Before Friday.  This week Loré Dombaj at Snow’s Fissures and Fractures graciously agreed to stand in while Stacy takes a break.

This is my original image.  I liked the shadows and lines but beyond that I found it uninteresting.  There is no point of interest.

DSC01314 Ottawa bus stopI decided to give the girl on the right a greater role. In cropping I sacrificed some of the lines of the shelter in order to get in close enough to give the girl some prominence. I brought up detail in the foreground and blurred it in the background, and changed the opacity in the upper right to give a backdrop to the girl.

DSC01314 Ottawa bus stop SL 8x6

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10 thoughts on “After Before at the Bus Stop

  1. A crop is such a simple measure, but can be, oh, so powerful, as you’ve demonstrated with your image. I agree with Katie – now it looks as if the people at the bus stop are watching her 🙂

    Thanks for submitting to Loré for this week. I appreciated it, as I know she did as well!

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