Final Rest

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St. Alexander’s in Lochiel, OntarioDSCN5861 St Alexander's Catholic Church Lochiel sl 8x6 copyrightCape Breton near FourchuCB 085 nr Fourchu sl 8x6 copyrightSt. Andrew’s, Lancaster OntarioDSCN5814 Church Street South Lancaster SL 8x6 copyrightPetersfriedhof, SalzburgDSCN4356 Petersfriedhof cemetery and catacombs Salzburg sl 8x6 copyrightKilladiskert, Leitrim, Northern IrelandDSCN9494 Killadiskert Leitrim sl bw 8x6 copyrightTrory, Fermanagh, Northern IrelandDSCN9575 Trory Fermanagh sl 8x6 copyright



Cee’s fun foto challenge: cemeteries

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