Near and Far

Ailsa’s travel theme:  Near   Please click on any image for a better view.

A silk floss tree (I think) – Buenos Aires

057 Plaza Roberto Arlt sl 8x6 copyright

Tiled floor in the Vatican Museums

DSC00406 Vatican museums 8x6 copyright

Flora, Otway Sound, Chile

786 SL 8X6 copyright

Close up of I’m-not-sure-what in an archway in Munich

DSCN3059 sl 8x6 copyright

Highland cattle in the Scottish Highlands

DSCN8323 Highland Cattle Culloden sl 8x6 copyright


2 thoughts on “Near and Far

    1. It goes OK, Jo. I’ve been keeping busy, which is the key I think, and busy creatively, which is even better – gets positive energy flowing. Thank you for asking. I hope it goes well with you.


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