Final Rest

Please click on any image for a better view. St. Alexander’s in Lochiel, OntarioCape Breton near FourchuSt. Andrew’s, Lancaster OntarioPetersfriedhof, SalzburgKilladiskert, Leitrim, Northern IrelandTrory, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland     Cee’s fun foto challenge: cemeteries Continue reading Final Rest

Ninety Years Ago (almost)

I’ve been going through things lately and came across a book of old photographs – Petit Édifices – Deuxième Série – Normandie by Augustin Bernard;  copyright by Auguste Vincent et Cie, Paris 1927.  This is a sample – please click on any image for a larger view. Plate 2 – Logis du Grand Turc, Rue Sanit-Romain, Rouen Plate 4 – Maison, Rue Des Arpents, Rouen … Continue reading Ninety Years Ago (almost)