Cooper Warmbody

Since my husband passed away just over a year ago, this fellow, this friend Cooper, sometimes known as Dufus, or Fur Face, has been close to hand.  If I make so much as the slightest sniffle, he is up, even from another room, and is at my side as if to say, “I know.  I miss him too.  Pat me.  You’ll feel better.”  It never fails to make me smile.  And feel better.   Please click on image for a better view. DSCN1839 sl 8x6 copyright

Weekly photo challenge: Friend

12 thoughts on “Cooper Warmbody

  1. It’s amazing, I think, how much comfort these fur babies can be. I cannot imagine not having my two, although I know one day they too will be gone. But in the meantime, they bring joy.


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