Click on any image for a better view. Ailsa’s travel theme is Words

Long words … Nuremburg

DSCN4650 Dokumentationszentrum Nürnberg sl 8x6 copyright

Short words … South Glengarry, Ontario

DSCN1012 Brown House sl copyright

Exciting words …

DSCN1792 8x6 copyright

Words of reflection … Bavaria

DSCN4487 bavaria sl 8x6 copyright

Words of love …

DSCN3252 Loretánská st Prague sl 8x6 copyright

Proud words … Ottawa

I am Canadian

Moving words … Ottawa

DSCN7831 sl 8x6 copyright

Funny words … at least to me … Salzburg

DSCN4212 Getreidegasse salzburg sl 8x6 copyright

Incomprehensible words … at least to me … St. Petersburg, Russia

DSCN3632 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova (The Griboyedov Canal Quay sl 8x6 copyright

and words of wisdom … RotterdamDSCN2084 Havenstraat Rotterdam SL 8x6 copyright




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