Apparently it is National Poetry Writing Month – who knew?

The Willow  – by Lynne Ayers

Like the graceful willow
I can bend and sway
And twist around
To touch the ground
When gentle breezes blow.

And when the winds blow strong
I know I pull and strain,
But still I stand
In shifting sand
To a song that is my own.

If I can I’ll always be
As lithe and strong
As that willow tree.

14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo

  1. I wish I could hear you recite this. Just beautiful. I always wished I could write poetry but the skill has always alluded me.


    1. What a kind compliment – thank you. I’ve got poems going back to when I was 17 – suffice to say that was some time ago but I’ve always found poetry comes easiest when I am full of angst.


  2. The Willow tree reminds of of the resilient , graceful bamboo of the tropics. When heavy winds blow, it follows its direction so it won’t break. It’s strenth and grace gives it durablity and flexibility. Thus, like the willow tree, it survives the harsh trials of the natural elements. In a way, these magnificent trees reminds us how we should adjust our lives when storm comes. Beautiful poetry. thanks.


      1. Have you ever seen the youtube clip starring a 10 ft tall inflatable cartoon man whose arms wave with the breeze. A maybe 3 yr old boy stands in front imitating and dancing with the balloon creature. So sweet that freedom to expression that children have and some of us find a way to keep.


        1. I haven’t seen the UTube but I have seen the inflatables you refer to and I can just imagine the simple joy that would be apparent in a child imitating the movements.


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