Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Taken in Buenos Aires  –  There are those that have, and those that have not.

More interpretations of Two Subjects:

On th bench: My sister and Me
Nature in the Burbs
Being Arindam
Figments of a Duchess


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. A moving post. How many times we see images like these and simply felt helpless? It pains our heart to see others having to endure such human hardship. When I went to Manila last March, I saw a lot of kids living on the streets. It broke my heart that everyone seemed okay with it. I hope and pray that things will change for the better for our less fortunate brothers and sisters out there…


        1. Unfortunately it seems it is any big city – in the smaller centres perhaps we take care of our neighbours more. The impersonalization that comes with big city living where, just for lack of personal space and sheer numbers, we tend to preserve or own small space and so choose not to get involved.


          1. I live mostly in Villages and when I went to the City where I grew up was rather horrified by the pretence that the homeless were not there. Reminded me of Lucille Ball’s Stone Pillow.


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