The Nap of Luxury

Today I indulged myself.  I took an afternoon nap.  I don’t do this very often but is there anything more delicious than being able to sneak in a sleep in the middle of the day?  I think about some of those office days when I just went into a slouch and would have given up my afternoon coffee if only I could have curled up somewhere unseen instead of head-lolling with my fingers dead on the keyboard, my brain no longer functioning.  I think back to when my 3 pre-schoolers were on the go and did not know the word ‘nap’, when all I wanted to do was shut the door and sink my head to the pillow and let myself drift away. Well today I forgot the voices that said I am wasting the day, that the laundry isn’t finished, that I haven’t yet decided on what to do for supper;  I forgot that the sun is shining and that the grass needs cutting, even though it is not yet May, that my daffodils need deadheading, and the dog wants to play.  I just boldly climbed the stairs, dispensed with sweater and shoes and slipped between the covers and let the pillow come up to cradle my head because when the eyelids droop, the body flags and the mind goes into a hold pattern nothing is as luxurious as putting head to pillow and pulling up the blanket … except, perhaps, lying in a gently swinging hammock in the shade of a large old tree on a brilliant hot day, with a glass of ice something in my hand, listening to the singing of the birds and the hum of the cicadas.

18 thoughts on “The Nap of Luxury

  1. I’d give in more often – the drifting, down, down, .. is just sooo heavenly. It’s the dislocated feeling I have when I wake that I don’t like, or the wakefulness I experience when I should be drifting down, down, … at night:)


    1. Napping in the winter often means waking up after dark and that I don’t like – seems like one should just stay a-bed. And if one has to rise from a delicious nap only to go straight in to cooking supper, that’s not so nice either. Happily my Sunday indulgence lead to neither of these.


    1. Oh, when they were small I was known to flake out in a chair in a semicomatose state, asleep enough to gain a BIT of rest and awake enough to hear any untoward sounds. Sometimes, you jus gotta ..


  2. One of the joys of being at the age of having retired is that daily (or very near daily) nap. The pleasure of reading while eating lunch, continuing to read after eating lunch, the eyes drooping because that big old overstuffed recliner is so comfy, the fleece blanket over the legs is so warm and cozy, and off we go into the land of sleep. Until Shasta dog decides naptime is over and jumps up into my lap, tail wagging, tongue slurping. 93 pounds of happy dog will end a nap every time.


    1. Yes it will! I was awoken by our ‘puppy’ sticking his wet nose in my ear, and saying, “Hey! anybody in there?” This after he had bounced onto the bed, walked all over me and then sat by my head.


  3. I know the feeling. I wish I had the luxury…Last weekend I was so bagged, I had to take almost an entire Saturday off – I took a nap, I didn’t blog, I didn’t write for my class, I didn’t do laundry or any other chores. I think all i did that day was taking dogs for a walk, taking a nap, watching TV and reading a book. It was a blissful Saturday 🙂


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