WIN #2 The Early Years

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The prompts are:

1.  What early memories do you have of your grandparents.  How were they – were they stern, or loving?  Did they give hugs or reprimands? Did you share secrets?  Did you see them often, or just on special occasions?  Are there scents or sounds that you associate with them?

2.  Every family has its clowns, their saints, their rebels, their black sheep.  Did you have any in your family?  Describe them.

3.  Do you have any oral traditions in your family – stories carried over from generation to generation?  Stories about your ancestors?  Any family secrets?

If you write something you are willing to share I would love to read it – just leave a link in the comments section below.

Here is my offering – Angel of Mercy

4 thoughts on “WIN #2 The Early Years

    1. You hit the jackpot having those letters from your Dad – it must be like a time warp reading them. And I like your crafty Granny, knowing how to make each of you feel like the favourite one. This is great.


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