Left Behind

When my husband passed away in March 2016 I felt abandoned, left behind to fend for myself.  Now, leaving the year 2016 behind, I feel an easing of my grief. But I do not want to leave him behind; I want him always in my present.  Perhaps I am getting near to that place where I can keep him close while moving forward. Combining my current … Continue reading Left Behind

Photo Editing: Manipulation

Do I like to manipulate my photographs?  Yes.  I think of each photograph as art. I like to take the image and process it to say what I would like it to say.  This was an urban shot and I wanted to emphasize that, choosing to make it grittier and black and white. I have included the original image  below. Please click on image for a better … Continue reading Photo Editing: Manipulation

Photo Editing – painterly images

Here are two images I created from my photos using Sagelight software. For those of you who don’t already know, I LOVE Sagelight for the limitless variety that can be produced, each resulting piece one of a kind.  Originals follow. Please click on images for a larger view.   For a different edited version of the above image, not ‘artified’, click here   Continue reading Photo Editing – painterly images

Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay

Play time.  I like this photo, for its composition and subject matter, but it’s a little too soft for my taste.  So I played. First up, I worked on the detail, contrast and lighting.  The HDR creates a haloing effect resulting in the grey sky but in this image I liked it and kept it – I think it goes well with the mood and … Continue reading Photo Editing Two Ways – House at Sandside Bay