Some of you already know that I recently lost my husband.  These last months have been filled with a range of emotions as I struggle through my grief.  Working in my garden and on my photographs seem to be two things that totally occupy my mind providing a bit of respite from trying to come to terms with, and redefine, my life. Combining my current state with these two pastimes has produced this series.

Please click on image for a better view.DSCN2074 sl 8x6

20 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. This is so poignant, I’m tearing up. I’m glad that your have your beautiful photography to turn to for expression and distraction. Sending love ❤


  2. What dramatic and wonderful art you are creating. Healing takes time, and I’m glad you are allowing yourself to adjust to your new and very different life. Be gentle with yourself.


  3. Oh my gosh, I had no idea. I am so sorry, that must be so very hard. This photo is such a great view of the emotions you must be feeling.


  4. Dear Lynne,
    I’m sorry you lost your husband.
    Your photographs illustrate your loss, the grief is palpable.
    Thinking of you.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh


    1. Thank you, Ruth in Pittsburgh. Strangers reaching out from places far away is as comforting in its own way as the hugs from my friends here at home. Keeps me aware that there is a world out there in which I need to stay engaged.

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  5. Your photo sums it up – what life is like after losing a loved one. Shattered. Yet time passes, the pain grows less sharp, and slowly, slowly the pieces begin to fit together again. Hugs.

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