The Hedgerow – Week 2

Robyn hosts the one four challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – take one of our own photos and edit it four ways over the course of the month.  My photo for this month – a shot of our hedgerow in the winter and my intent is to explore the tools in Sagelight to change my photos into painterly images.


 My first step was to bring up some colour and then play with the median filter to arrive at this –

DSCN0545 2 medfilter 8x6

I adjusted that result with the undo brush to bring back some of the form in the main trees –

DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo 8x6

I removed the colour cast and otherwise adjusted the vibrancy and brightness, ran it through a smooth smoothing filter and blended the tones –

DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo 2 blended

Finished with the watercolour effects I wanted, next was a bit of texture for some pastel effect and so I applied a plastic filter –

DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo 2 plasticwhich I then adjusted with the undo brush leaving it primarily on the evergreen on the left and in the foreground, and I decided I was done. This is my mixed media watercolour pastel version –
DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo 8x6 adj2

And by way of example that these painterly transformations are one-offs, here is a second version,  done using the same tools but in a different order.  I’m pretty sure I would be unable to reproduce either of these versions.

DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo colour plastic adj 8x6

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15 thoughts on “The Hedgerow – Week 2

  1. Wow!! This is amazing. I like your last photo (your second version of week 2). The warm tones are lovely. I’m fascinated by your process.


  2. lol… as usual gotta love Emilio’s comments 🙂 Always fun and uplifting!
    ..and I agree! I am so taken by what you’ve achieved this week and showing us the two different versions is even better. I must say I am drawn to the first. The textures, pastel palette is wonderful. “Warm colours come forward, Cool colours recede”… going by this you have achieved such depth of field … Well I could probably go on. I think I’d enjoy this one on my wall Lynne… so nicely done!!


  3. Lynne, this effect is just jaw dropping. OK, I didn’t actually drop my jaw. But seriously, you have no right having so much talent. Go ahead, tell me it was only blind luck, as if a room full of monkey’s- or me alone with my pc- could get anywhere near what you’ve done here. I love it and want a preset of it. So get on it, will you? I will pay you whatever you like! 🙂


    1. Preset? I can do a preset? 🙂 Emilio! You are such a boon to my self confidence. I’m going to have to look into the preset thing – I’ve noticed it somewhere in Sagelight …


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