The Old Grist Mill

The Martintown Grist Mill in Glengarry, Ontario was built in 1846.  Built of local field stone and operated by water power, it sits on the bank of the Raisin River. It served the village and region as a custom flour milling operation for a 101 years, commercial use ending in 1947.  Typical orders were for a bushel at a time of wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats and … Continue reading The Old Grist Mill

What Independence means to Cooper

This is Cooper. He’s very obedient.  He understands, “sit”, “stay”, and “leave it”. Most importantly he understands, “come”, and he follows all the commands with just hand signals . And this has earned him his independence and freedom to explore his 30 acres of yard, field and wood, to check out all the scents and smells, play with sticks, muck about in puddles, and have friends over, And … Continue reading What Independence means to Cooper