The thing about grief, even as I have begun to incorporate ‘widow’ into who I am so that it no longer surprises me when I wake up each morning, my eyes still tear at the simplest moments, like looking at the box of oatmeal because that’s what he had for breakfast each morning.

Combining my current state of grief with my pastimes of art and gardening has produced this series.   Please click on the image for a larger view.

DSCN2086 sl 8x6

19 thoughts on “Anguish

    1. Thank you, Robin. This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. This week, for some reason has been difficult and I feel like I’ve taken many steps backwards, but then, grief walks its own path.


      1. Grief does walk its own path and pops its ugly head out at the oddest moments. I’m glad today is Friday so you can put this week behind you. You know, I just remembered something . . . my friend said she embraced the grief after her husband died because in some way, it meant that he was with her. Hmmm.


        1. I think I understand that because I am afraid that moving through the grief will mean that I am moving away from him. In so many ways I don’t want to be 5 years down the road because that is 5 years away from him. I am trying to reinvent myself so that I can move forward and not leave him. All such a mix up and mess up of thoughts and emotions.


          1. Reinventing yourself. Excellent idea. Things aren’t the same, so why not really make changes. That doesn’t mean the loved one is forgotten. They get to go along for the ride in spirit.


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