Combining my current state of grief with my pastimes of art and gardening has produced this series.  Please click on the image for a larger view.DSCN2089 sl 8x6

16 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. Hey Lynne – I hope you do not mind me visiting so many posts today – somehow I came to one of your odd couple posts and starting wandering around with delight – and I know this post is old – but sending condolences for your grief – ❤

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    1. I am enjoying all your footprints today, Y. And I appreciate you sending your thoughts. The post seems old, but the grief is still very real … and today I lost one of my dearest friends. So my emotions expressed in my series on grief go into replay …

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      1. oh sorry to hear about your friend too – and we had a big loss in April and whew – I will tell you it was sobering – because as a former counselor – I had worked with clients on grief – given workshops- gone through Hazeldon books (they great resources for all kinds of helaing) – anyhow, we also took grief into the areas of smaller losses (like life dreams, or innocence, etc.) but when the loss this last April was so personal – and so unexpected – the finality of things and the range of individual emotions really took on a new level. It has made me a better counselor (even tho it is not my formal job anymore) – but it has also made me more aware of depth of feelings. all of our other losses before that were expected – and in a way that did make it easier – like a couple of them were ten years expected – anyhow….

        all that to say is that my favorite quote about grief even came more to life. It is one from CS Lewis – and it says something about how a loss of a loved one is not something we get over – it is something we adapt to and modify a new life with… (something like that!)

        and he used the analogy of a person who lost a limb…
        they have a whole new handicap to deal with and they adapt life forward with coping and adjusting as needed – and watching the woe at times…. because it can get overwhelming….


        1. I have found that there is an amazing array of emotions that I am experiencing, and the depth of the loss, the finality of it. Though I know I have begun to incorporate it into who I am, and I live with it and I’m not surprised by it and I am aware of missing him every single moment of each day, I can still be bowled over when I realize he will never walk into the room again, or share a meal with me, or …. I realize now I don’t want to get past it, I don’t want him to be in my past. I want to absorb it and keep him always in my present, as part of me and who I am. Finding the balance of being able to do that without feeling crushing loss at the same time is my challenge.

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          1. Yes – I know what you mean – and I can see why certain grieving folks get on campaigns – like those who have a death from maybe a DUI they campaign for the fight against drunk driving and stuff – it helps to channel those emotions –
            And last April we had two local teens die w a possible dui related car acc- still being investigated – but one of the moms has been advocating and I think it has helped her coping.
            And I think that what I learned from my more personal experience with it is that we all have such an individual response –
            Universal in some ways – but then quite individual –
            Sending you a blog hug my friend 💙

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    1. Hi Ruth. Your link took me to a statue designed with a metal frame filled with stones … the materials, the positioning, very expressive of how I’ve felt. Thank you for your kind comments and the link.

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  2. I don’t mean that I really like this in the sense of what you are going through, Lynne, but the photography and meaning are so beautiful and so very well done. Wishing you strength.


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