The Hedgerow – Week 3

Robyn hosts the one four challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – take one of our own photos and edit it four ways over the course of the month.  My photo for this month – a shot of our hedgerow in the winter and my intent is to explore the tools in Sagelight to change my photos into painterly images.


This week will be an oil painting effect.  Oils, of course have distinctive brush strokes which, I’m thinking, would be hard to duplicate without actually applying an oil filter.  So, I’ll say straight up, that I did apply an oil filter, and then proceeded to try to make it my own. I think I started from this image, one of my watercolour versions from last week.DSCN0545 2 medfilter undo colour plastic adj 8x6

I started by applying Sagelight’s artists’ oil filter – played with the controls there and arrived at this –DSCN0545 3a - 2 final oil 8x6

Not to my liking at all so using the undo brush I kept what I liked and reduced the effect to varying degrees on other parts, a feature I like.  I don’t have to accept it in total or reject it in total.  Adjusting the pressure on the undo brush allows me to peel it back lightly if I wish and in varying pressures around the image. DSCN0545 3b - final 2 oil undo 8x6

Next I adjusted the colours –DSCN0545 3c - final 2 oil undo colour 8x6

And lastlyI used the tone blender to bring the image together. DSCN0545 3d - final 2 oil undo colour toneblend 8x6

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21 thoughts on “The Hedgerow – Week 3

    1. Thank you 🙂 Just to be sure, I didn’t use Fotosketcher though. I’ve found I can’t tweak Fotosketcher enough to my liking. I used Sagelight’s oil filter, and then played.


  1. The snow is hard to capture well, I find. Yet the filters you have applied have really enhanced the photo and made the details demand notice and grab one’s visual attention. I think I am going to try an oil painting effect at some stage on one of my snowy photos. Thanks for inspiring me.

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  2. This feels like a handpainted painting, not digital. You did a wonderful job. I like how you ended the edit with the “tone blender” it was the perfect finishing touch.


  3. Another beauty this week Lynne. The tones are wonderful giving it a much cooler feel with a touch of warmth added. The painted feel, feels real.
    I do hope youre enjoying these. I surely am 😃😃


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