Sunday Post: Door

The door to the Tourist Office in

Dinan in Brittany, France.  Dinan is fascinating and said to be one of the best examples of a mediaeval village in France.  We stayed in a fisherman’s cottage on the River Rance just on the right side of the bridge.

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29 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Door

      1. I don’t think I ever saw this reply. We are going to Paris. Southern France is Brittany? I think we’ll have to do a separate trip. But it looks like just my kind of place. I tend to like the less frenetic, smaller cities. I want to see Paris, but don’t know that it’s something I want to do over and over again. I’m told October is a good month to go, because it is low season. I hope so…


        1. Brittany is in northern France and Dinan is about a 4 hour drive from Paris. And in the same vicinity are St-Malo, and Mont St-Michel. The beaches of Normandy are about 3 hours east of Paris and in the opposite direction, Troye in the Champagne region is a really interesting town. We booked a tour with viator when we were in Switzerland and it went well …

          We have visited a couple of times in October and the weather has been great, and the crowds are a little lighter.


    1. The portion in the photo shows the old port – there is also a ‘newer’ section in the heights above the river, which is where the photo was taken. An absolutely delightful town and well worth a visit.


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