Southern France – 50% Off

“Where are we going this time?”  “We” is my sister and her husband, and me and my husband. “We” all agreed we had made such a great foursome on our first venture together that henceforth it was all for one and one for all. I spoke up and offered an item from my bucket list: in big, black, bold letters at the top – Villa in Southern France.

Southern France – land of breathtaking views, fast cars on the Grand Corniche, palm trees lining the Promenade des Anglais, mediaeval villages atop rocky outcrops, and seaside resort towns backed by the grandeur of the Pyrenees; steeped in Van Gogh and Cezanne, rich with Roman ruins, a patisserie or boulangerie on every corner and free-flowing, palatable French wines.  We agreed on southern France.  Now to find a villa. Continue reading “Southern France – 50% Off”