Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

summer berry picking
Auntie and Nephew

Berry picking is a summer-time highlight in our family.  Photo credit to daughter A.  However, again this week, I couldn’t decide … this next one is just pure glee

Water Park

Granddaughter H is just lovin’ that splash park!  Photo credit to daughter K.

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. I still love splash parks. My friends know that if they want to spend a couple of hours alone — movie, romantic meal…….. — all they need to do is call Russel and have him take the kids to a splash park. Everyone will have fun!


  2. There is nothing like the joy of children, is there? Your photos are wonderful examples of summer and children’s pleasures – which provides so much pleasure for the adults.


    1. It’s true, Carol. I’m reaching the age of vicarious pleasures! 🙂 That’s definitely true with strawberring picking – my back can no longer take that strain.


  3. It’s wonderful to see children picking their own fruit and knowing that it doesn’t just appear in the supermarket! and the H photo is pure delight 🙂 🙂 🙂
    oh thanks for the pingback thingy!


  4. Both pictures are so great; the first, all about the joy of being together, celebrating nature’s bounty, the second, all about joy of being little and in the moment! I can just hear those squeals!


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