Door/17 – Postkantoor

Please click on image for a better view.  This door provides entrance to what was the Postkantoor (post office) at 42 Coolsingel in Rotterdam, Holland.  It leads to an entrance hall with a ceiling rising to 22.5 metres (74 feet). The post office was built between 1915 and 1923.  They didn’t want it to overshadow the Town Hall nearby and so situated it further from the … Continue reading Door/17 – Postkantoor

Just Doors 2

Doors stand guard to what transpires within.

I realize that just doors may not be everyone’s ‘thing’ but they are a frequent subject for me and my camera.  After visiting Adrian Pym’s  site and reading  Mike’s Look at Life I decided it was time for another photo essay on Doors. My first doors post is here.

The Abbaye de Lehon, France …

The Main Door, Chateau de Combourg, France … Continue reading “Just Doors 2”

The Doors

During travels in the Languedoc Roussillon region of southern France, I found myself taking a lot of pictures of doors – beautiful wooden doors, often with carvings and flourishes, many of large proportions, many beautifully painted or polished. No matter the status of the attached building or home, the doors stood as a proud statement of welcome to the most grandiose as well as the humblest of dwellings.  Whatever their status, they all beg the questions – who has passed through this door? And what Continue reading “The Doors”