Driving the coast road

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Sunday was a day of rest – a leisurely rise, croissants for breakfast, coffee on the terrasse with our view to the Pyrenees, warm October sun in the south of France.  For us it doesn’t get much better.

N &B went off on foot to explore our somewhat uninspired little village of St-André while I received a refresher course on driving a standard, something I hadn’t done in over 10 years.   I hoped to get behind the wheel at least briefly just for the experience.  This went quite well and we learned something about our rental – when one squirts to clean the windshield, the windows automatically go up.  Presumably sensors detect the ‘squirt’ and read ‘rain’ and send a message to the windows to close.  This ‘smart-ass’ feature of our car caused some embarassment. Continue reading “Driving the coast road”