Church/Notre Dame, Ottawa

Please click on images for a better view. Ottawa’s Notre Dame Basilica, built in the mid-19th century, underwent a number of design changes before it was completed.  Constructed over a period of five years, it was blessed August 15, 1846.  However, the steeples, of which there are two, were not completed until 1858;  the apse in 1862, and the primary work on the interior was … Continue reading Church/Notre Dame, Ottawa

Photo Editing: Artistically speaking

I wanted to see if I could make this into an image with a more artistic feel to it;  to see what I could accomplish without using one of the one-click apps that convert photos to oils or watercolour.So I brought up the details and liked what was happening in the sky and the branches of the tree. I adjusted the colour in the sky I added … Continue reading Photo Editing: Artistically speaking