Frog Hollow

When my husband first mentioned Frog Hollow I thought it was his own name for a local spot, but, no.  It’s right there on the road sign: Frog Hollow.   Since I moved here, Frog Hollow and I have become acquainted – it’s about 3 kms down the road.  I have photographed it in winter and the floods of spring, with the butterflies of summer and the glorious colours of fall, and captured more than one sunset.

The weekly photo challenge is: Muse.  A person’s muse is their source of inspiration and photos I’ve taken at Frog Hollow have inspired these pieces of digital art.

10 thoughts on “Frog Hollow

  1. It’s so beautiful there Lynne and I bet the froggies love this place too. I know I would. 😀

    The digital art is stunning. I can’t decide which one is my favourite. 😀 ♥


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