City Scene Week 1

Robyn hosts the One Four Challenge at Robyn’s Fine Art – one of our own photos edited four ways over the course of the month.  This month I’m just going to play and see what develops – pun intended  🙂   This is my original photo, taken in Montreal on a drippy early evening in March. DSCN1034 8x61. adjust the lighting

2. adjust the detail

3 & 4.  play with the edges

5. adjust the curve

6. add a soft focus just for fun

7. brighten it

8.  adjust the detail again – perhaps I shouldn’t have added the soft focus 🙂

9. adjust the colour cast.  The resulting image:

DSCN1034 1s smart light detail edge undo curve soft bright hilitedetail colorcast

I have to say, when I did all this, I subsequently inadvertently deleted all the images of the steps 😦   SO, i proceeded to repeat what I did in order to recapture the steps and just to prove that they will never turn out exactly the same, below is the image I had after completing the above steps the first time, as opposed to the one above.   I prefer the cleaner look of this one.

DSCN1034 1 sl final 8x6

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13 thoughts on “City Scene Week 1

  1. I really like rainy city shots! I really like what you did with this edit. I like the one you called “cleaner” too, but they are both great!! I wonder what you will do next?!?

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  2. I just love city shots like these, especially with the rain! So much to play with and so much potential.
    Once again, your end results give such a wonderful painterly feel, especially with the touch of strong primaries.
    Great play Lynne! 🙂


    1. Actually that was the first try 🙂 – the one in the slide show labelled ‘same steps different result’, where I probably took a bit more time in the various steps than I did when trying to recreate it for the post


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