9 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Lynne, while I sometimes lament having left the four distinct seasons of Canada, I remember the times that we were snowed in for multiple days when I lived in PQ and ON. I still revel in the fun and creativity that resulted from the challenges the weather provided, but I can’t overlook the comfort of the warmer weatherI live in now. Today was unusually warm here in southern NM (75 F), but it rarely goes below freezing, and that means little if any snow to deal with (this year 4″ that was gone the next day). Hope you both escape soon. Terry

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    1. So good to hear from you Terry. We have been getting some brutal cold – this a.m. -20C Graham’s with you – I think he’s had enough but our only escape is Spring, whenever she decides to arrive. At least we don’t have to go out in it unless we choose to do so 🙂


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